Digital Transformation By Optimising HubSpot Drives Growth for Maybe*

About Maybe*

Maybe* is a social media management platform that assists a wide range of businesses, from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to public limited companies (PLCs).
With the support of local authorities, Maybe* also helps local businesses to improve their digital skills.

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Striving for HubSpot Optimisation

When it came to choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Maybe* opted to go for HubSpot, acquiring both Marketing and Sales Pro editions for their established sales and customer service teams.
However, they faced challenges in utilising HubSpot optimally, particularly in generating reports and leveraging its full range of features.

Understanding Maybe*’s Needs

After conducting a thorough audit of Maybe*’s HubSpot usage, we addressed issues through platform updates and collaborated closely with the Maybe* team to customise HubSpot and align it to their specific needs. Over more than two months, we discovered the untapped potential in Maybe*’s utilisation of HubSpot’s features, which inspired us to assist them in maximising their platform usage. This process continues even today with continuous platform enhancements based on Maybe*’s needs.

Getting Leads Through Government Initiatives

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In Maybe*’s early days, the UK government offered grants for businesses that embraced digital transformation. These grants were accessible to organisations that received social media training, allowing Maybe* to reach a wide audience.
Maybe* employed the services of an outbound call centre to promote the grants and their platform. The offer was straightforward: Watch Maybe*’s social media training videos and receive a grant.

We created a HubSpot workflow for Maybe* to optimise the impact of the grant offer; it triggered a series of informative emails once the outbound team collected client details.
The goal was to convert these businesses into paying customers; however, some sign-ups didn’t take action, so throughout 2022, we launched campaigns to re-engage leads.

Optimising the Move to HubSpot Enterprise

With the rapid expansion of Maybe*’s contact list, HubSpot suggested the transition to the Enterprise package, giving Maybe* access to nearly all of HubSpot’s features.
Our role in this transition was to continue with platform optimisation to extract maximum value. We continuously installed new plugins, leveraged integrations, and updated features so that Maybe* could focus on what truly matters.
Additionally, An API connection was established to seamlessly transfer lead contact details from Maybe*’s various lead generation touch points directly into HubSpot. It allowed leads to receive automatically-generated content through strategically designed workflows that secured sales calls and encouraged them to sign up for the Maybe* platform.

Centralising Data Through 110 Automated Workflows


Maybe* uses various platforms and tools to support multiple business functions and hosts data from these platforms separately, but with our assistance, all integrations were centralised to HubSpot.
Automated Hubspot workflows made it easier for Maybe* to engage customers and make business processes run smoothly. We built 110 workflows (and counting) for Maybe* to address various needs.

Firstly, Maybe* has a complex user base, so we implemented a custom object strategy to improve data input and to ensure customers get the right assistance. Leads and customers can now take action on any of the linked platforms and be dropped directly into a suitable HubSpot workflow.

Saving Time With Automated Reporting

Maybe* faced time-consuming reporting challenges when creating weekly reports manually for local councils. We automated the process by implementing a custom workflow that extracted and sent relevant data to the spreadsheet, assisting them to manage their stakeholders better, and, saving up to six hours per week, allowing the Maybe* team to focus on their main roles.

Additionally, Maybe* previously used Xero to compile investor reports but still required manual adjustments and data collection from various departments. To overcome these limitations, we integrated Xero with HubSpot using an API and developed a custom reporting dashboard to create a centralised reporting solution generating two distinct reports that cater to specific stakeholder needs, ensuring that the management team gets the right information at the right time.

Creating Targeted, Personalised Messaging

To ensure customer and lead satisfaction, Maybe* focuses on delivering personalised education centred on social media and their platform specifically. While existing workflows have served this purpose, there was room to enhance the stakeholder experience by providing timely and desired information that the audience would find useful.

Up to this point, email workflows resulted in more than 2,6 million emails being sent to Maybe*’s subscribers; however, despite scheduling Zoom meetings with salespeople and sending confirmation emails to new leads, Maybe* observed a significant number of no-shows. We integrated an SMS platform with HubSpot to send automated SMS reminders for upcoming meetings resulting in increased attendance and improved conversion rates.

We also defined custom behavioural events in HubSpot so that subscribers could receive tailored content based on their actions within the Maybe* platform. For instance, advanced users no longer receive emails about basic features but instead receive advanced feature details sooner. By recognising specific user actions, HubSpot ensures customers receive content that aligns with their level of expertise.

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From Contractor to Trusted Partner

Our role with Maybe* has evolved from a contractor to a trusted HubSpot advisor. They constantly seek ways to enhance their HubSpot usage and leverage our expertise to drive improvements. We embrace this challenge, as it allows us to optimise their digital transformation through HubSpot.

HubSpot emerged as the ideal CRM solution for Maybe*’s evolving needs, ensuring meaningful customer interactions through workflows and effective lead scoring while using custom behavioural events to further implement personalisation for users.

With its extensive integrations, HubSpot has become a central component of Maybe*’s operations. We have not only implemented these integrations but also created custom ones through APIs, setting Maybe*’s HubSpot usage apart and making the platform more efficient for them.

These guys rock. They make hard exciting things possible, we have connected call centres processes, email marketing, and a saas product and there is still more to do. They are an agile and smart extension of our team. — Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO, Maybe*

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